Fashion Story Time!! Wanted to share my Chanel Purse Collection and Chanel Bag Review! I show my Chanel Reissue, Chanel Cosmetics Pouch that I use as a clutch and my 2016 purchase, my Chanel Flap Bag!! I also review my 2016 Chanel sunglasses that I LOVE!! In this video I also share the secret story behind the Chanel Classic Flap, the hidden symbolism Coco Chanel crafted into this beautiful bag's design!  I also tell of meeting my SA Zachery on Christmas Eve at the Chanel Boutique at Bergdorf Goodman ! He is the absolute best!  

Blac Chyna Chanel Slides & Sandals: Fitness Fashion!

 I am just about obsessed with these gorgeous Chanel Slides spotted on Blac Chyna.
I admit I used to hate slides and to be honest, just really didn't get them...but lately I can't get enough of them!

Fuhgeddaboudit!!! Italian Dog Birthday Party!!!

Hi Everyone!! Me & the fur pups went to my friends birthday party for their dog!  They're Italian so there was so much delicious Italian food, nice Italian grandma's and lots of fun at the party! The French Bulldog playing with my chihuahua Lola was so funny and I love listening to my friend talk with his New York accent.. he says the funniest stuff, or maybe its just  the way he says it...Fuhgeddaboudit! lol 😁


Tonite I announced the winners of my Vera Bradley Purse and iPhone 6 Case Giveaway LIVE on YouNow! You can watch the taped broadcast above to see the fun!
 My NEXT giveaway contest is for a $50 Game Stop Gift Card Giveaway Contest! 


I'm so excited to share with you beauty secrets I've discovered recently to not only help prevent, but to STOP Under Eye Creasing! This method keeps under eye concealer from settling into fine lines and it has worked wonders for me!


Just received my Bebe Clothing haul that I  wanted to open & try on  with you! These outfits would make great clubbing outfits imo. From the website I didn't realize how much cleavage would be shown. I guess bc I am a curvy girl, fashion just looks way different on me than on size zero models.


Hi Everyone!!So happy I just hit 1 million views on my Google page! Also the fur babies and I were just invited to a VIP dog party! We just found out the party is  this weekend so Im going to get Lola and Oliver outfits to wear and pick up some dog cookies from the dog bakery to take to the party with us.


Quick & Fun Way to Grow Your Youtube Channel! Check Out Slaughda Radios Shout out Contest Series! Its a great shout out competition thats helps you get  new awesome subscribers & real followers! 
I came in 2nd Place last week and I've already met so many new subbies!

Baby Parrot Favorite Treat! What to Feed Your Baby Conure Parrots! Parrot Care!

she's so pretty
Hi Everyone! Belle, my baby green cheek conure, is home & doing so good! If you've watched my earlier vlog, you know she's only one month old and yes.. I've been so worried about her! I want to make sure she's eating and doing well and I'm happy to report she is! 

Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My BABY Green Cheek Conure ♡

Trip to Bird Jungle Pet Vlog + How to Hand Feed Baby Birds! 

Bird Jungle is in Scarsdale, NY & I went to see  the beautiful parrots and exotic birds there. They were dancing, swinging, singing and having all kinds of fun in this funny bird video!

Woman Crush Wednesday ♡ DREA DE MATTEO WCW!!!

Woman Crush Wednesday ♡ DREA DE MATTEO WCW!!!

This week I got to meet my girl crush, Drea de Matteo of Sons of Anarchy! She's my FIRST Ever Woman Crush Wednesday!  She's been one of my favorite actresses ever since I first watched her playing Adriana on "The Sopranos".  

Christie's Hermes & Chanel Auction! Hermes Shop! Hermes & Chanel Online!

Hi Loves!

I just received an email regarding the upcoming Christie's Hermes & Chanel Auction

These bags are absolutely gorgeous and many are limited edition, rare and one of a kind custom orders. The vibrant colors and various exotic leathers these Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags were hand crafted of are absolutely Stunning!

Drea de Matteo! Shades of Blue, Sons of Anarchy & MoRe!!!

Drea de Matteo! Shades of Blue, Sons of Anarchy & MoRe!!!

Hi Loves! I'm so excited I was able to meet one of the best actresses, Drea de Matteo today! She's been one of my favorite actresses ever since I first watched her playing Adriana on "The Sopranos".  

Currently she's playing Tess,  a complex and compelling character on the Jennifer Lopez produced NBC police drama"Shades of Blue". 
Jennifer Lopez also stars alongside Drea on this super intense tv will definitely have you hooked after just one episode!

 I also loved Drea's character  on "Sons of Anarchy"... she's just an amazing actress and  I'm so glad to be able to enjoy all of the characters she's played so well! Drea's has been called one of the best female tv actresses and I agree! 

For more on Drea de Matteo's tv and movie roles, check out 
her imdb at

Watch My Video of Meeting Me Meeting Drea, Now Online! Just Click Play Below πŸ˜

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Drea de Matteo  Shades of Blue, Sons of Anarchy & MoRe!!!

MY MAXIM MAGAZINE SHOOT!! Beautify America: Manhattan

Hi Guys! I just came across this behind the scenes video from my Maxim Magazine Shoot! It was so exciting to shoot with them and be a Maxim model for the day. Maxim has a top 100 hottest women issue they come out with each year, so hopefully someday I'll make it!