It was a cold, rainy night in Philadelphia when I came across a corset maker's shop. The gorgeous  satin and lace designs hung in the window, captivating my eyes.  I couldn't resist a closer look.

As I got closer, I told myself  it would be fun to try one on, so shyly I approached the shop keeper and inquired about the corsetry process. Before I knew it,  they were  tying me up like in Victorian times and I have to say, it was really fun and actually felt strangely good.
The tailor began by taking my measurements for a perfect fit. I then chose my corset's design and was happy to find out, each corset was reversible. For example, one side was a rich satin black and the other side was red lace throughout.  I loved this because I could then have two different looks with the same corset.

This corset maker had many different designs to choose from, from stunning teal blue with intricate gold embroidery, to a rich royal, emerald green. It was hard to decide but I love red so I decided to choose that  for my first custom corset. 

After deciding on my corset's design, the fun began. The corset maker had a shop assistant begin to tie me up. Her name was Rosa and she had big brown eyes and a luscious head of chocolatey brown curls. She was friendly yet stern and immediately took charge. "Stand Tall and don't move," she instructed me. I did as she said and waited for her next instruction. 

"Ok, get ready. Take a breath in and hold it til I say let it out."

Alright I thought. Although truthfully I was getting a little afraid bc I really wasn't expecting all this. 

Suddenly, I felt a tug, heat and pressure. It felt slightly painful, but strangely enough, quite good. 

"Alright, let it out."

I sighed and let out my breathe.

Suddenly I felt my tempture become cooler and a tingle went through my body. I couldn't help but begin to feel slightly exhilarated, as a smile formed across my lips. 

"Are you ready for more?"

Yes, I answered. 

"I'm going to do the top now. And then your middle"

I felt her fingers working swiftly as she moved the  leather tie expertly through each of the corset's steel button holes. Each time her fingers brushed my skin, chill bumps covered my body. I felt the strange sensation of heat and then cold again, as she pulled, tighter now; then again, the slight, though intense pain. It was amazing, the sensation unlike anything I had ever known before

"Alright now. We're almost done"

Truthfully I didn't want it to end. But then with another pull of her strings, she was done. She came around the front and looked me over. 

"How does it feel?"

Good I answered. It actually felt surprisingly incredible. 

I noticed a young couple watching me from the corner of the room.

"It feels so good," I say to them.  

They smiled at me knowingly, then continue their own search through the items for sale. 

I paid for my corset and left. I suddenly felt as though I was two inches taller, my spine straighter and that in itself felt so good.

I realized I must have been slouching before and am glad this corset will improve my posture, as well as look amazing. 

Back out in the night air, I felt completely transformed and insanely sexy in this satin bone in corset. 

I'd love to know about your corsetry experiences and any recommendations you may have. 

I'll be posting more photos soon of  my corset so check back soon to see those shots. 

Hope you're doing good =) 

Love Always,

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