Zaful Bikini Honest Review; Anti Haul!

Wow this bikini haul try on video did not go as went very wrong! I hate to speak negatively but in an effort to be as honest as possible with you dolls, I just had to speak the truth. Thankfully I didn't spend my own money on these bikinis bc that would have been a total waste! I'd hate for that to happen to you.
We deserve to receive quality products for our money. 
I personally am sick of people scamming Youtube viewers. If I like something truly that is sent to me, of course I will use it and maybe recommend it..if I genuinely Love it. If I don't, I would never recommend it to you babes for money. I don't do Youtube for money, I have another job that I earn my income from..I don't need to lie to viewers for money..sorry to any company thinking I would.its not going to happen! 

I personally saw other Zaful bikini videos on Youtube and from those videos, I was very excited to receive these swimsuits..I thought they would be great..not in my case unfortunately. Maybe if you don't have a curvy body, or if you have a smaller bottom, these would fit great. 
As I said in the video, the side tie bikini's did fit me nicely and I do like them a lot. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. LYBSM 💜

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