Hi Loves!! I'm back with Part II of My Vacation Vlog to Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We stayed at the Hilton Beach Resort and Yes! I felt like I was living the Billionaire Luxury Lifestyle, especially after they upgraded our room to the ocean front suite!! 

The Hilton makes you feel so welcome  and the decor and room was just that beautiful!   The food  was Amazing, especially the sushi, which was hands down the BEST I've ever had! 

I had so much fun at the pool, I had my own pool party in my cabana πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have stayed at several hotels in Ft. Lauderdale and the Hilton Beach Resort is hands down the best hotel in Fort Lauderdale and the BEST
Fort Lauderdale beach resort!

While you're there, I recommend signing up for Hilton Rewards. Its a great program where you earn points extremely quickly towards free rooms and More! 

Thanks so much for watching my travel diary vlogg! Don't Forget to Subscribe and Stay in Touch! 

Alegra Chetti;

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Slaughda Radio Shoutout Sunday Grow your Channel Gain Subscribers #1

Im so happy I won 2nd Place in Slaughda Radio's Shoutout Contest!
Watch for Yourself & See How You Could Win Next!!
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Slaughda Radio SunDay Shoutout, Grow your channel & Gain subscribers, 
This is the 1st episode in a series where I will be picking to winners and shouting them out on my channel, so you can grow your channel, gain more views, and also gain more subs for your channel! There are a Few rules in order to receive a Shoutout, you must sub to My Channel, Stay active On My Channel, Sub On the winner's Channel, and comment on video of the winner, & tell em Baka'z Mann sent you! I will be watching throughout the week to see who are following the rules and who will be next Sun winner! Thanks for watching, and good luck!

Winner #1
Vickie Eisenstein

Winner # 2
Alegra Marie

Suday shout out Artist
T cash- Blow a Check
Mr. Pookie & Mr. licci crook for life
Mr Lucci Ft. tare the truth Bout money

Slaughd Radio LLC


Hi Everyone!! I'm here in Ft Lauderdale for Spring Break 2016!! Today I was at the Fort Lauderdale beach and I'm so excited Bc I just found out about this workout class called Best Butt Ever that I'm going to start taking next week!! I'll keep you guys updated on my booty progress lol  

Im also vlogging and as soon as I can upload from my camera, I can show you my hotel room tour :) Hope  you guys are all doing good!! Talk to you soon 😊🌺😊

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Hi Loves! Today me & my fur babies took a trip to the vet. Its really hard for me & them to go for the  vet visit bc we've had a few bad experiences in the past at the vet. 

I didn't have a car today so we walked thru my neighborhood to get there. This was my first time walking through this neighborhood so truth be told there was a lot going on that  I was not expecting! I actually get scared in this video and was so stressed out! I was trying to stay calm and react normal but it was so hard! Lola & Oliver were also having scared reactions so it was a stressful day for all of us!

At the vet, my chihuahua Oliver had to get a shot and blood taken. He has a bad heart but he's doing really good. I have to take him for a check up every 6 months though so that they can see how he's doing. 

He's 12 now and he's always running and  playing so I think he's doing good but only the doctor can tell from doing his tests..he's letting us know the results Monday so I'll let you know how it goes ♡ Thanks for coming to the vet today with us! Hope you're doing good!  See you soon! 

Alegra Chetti;

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♡ Vera Bradley PARADISE PURSE + iPhone 6 Case GIVEAWAY!!! ♡ FASHION LOV...

Hi Loves!! Im so excited to have my FIRST EVER Giveaway with you!! I am a total purse addict and lately have become obsessed with Vera Bradley! I purchased  this Paisley in Paradise cooler tote for myself and then one for you for this fashion lovers giveaway! 

This Vera Bradley tote is perfect with so many outfits and also makes a great beach bag! It is cooler lined to also keep your items the perfect temperature! This bag  also makes an amazing gift if you'd like to give it to that someone special in your life!

I am also including this iPhone 6 case in the giveaway, also made by Vera Bradley! 

 I love sweepstakes and contests and hope you have have much fun entering my give away as I do!  So without further ado... My 2016 Giveaway is NOW Open! 

To enter to win this amazing contest , click the link below 

or enter on my Facebook Page at 

For More info on this purse, visit Vera Bradley at

Alegra Chetti;

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Jessica Barton I AMAZING Custom Car & Truck Nationals!! Daytona Auto Show!

Hi Guys!! I had the best time today at the Custom Car, Truck & Audio Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida! They had the sickest cars, trucks and audio systems I have ever seen in my life! You have to watch and check out my favorite,   the super amazing custom Star Wars Car! 

The paint jobs, car audio and  vehicle  interiors were out of this world amazing! They had customised audio video, amplifiers, customized rims and  wheels..I couldn't believe how much there was to see and its all in my video so you can see too! 

I also got to meet top bikini model Jessica Barton and definitely have on my dream car list the customised  hummer truck and  supra they had on display!
 I need one of those to be my ride!! Either that or I'm going to have to have to pimp my ride that I currently have with some sick rims!

This is the first custom car show I've been to, but I will 100% be back for more!
Check out the spring break nationals 2016  website at
and  custom car magazine for more ideas on how you can  customize your own car!

Thanks for Watching! Don't Forget to thumbs up and subscribe !

Alegra Chetti;

Day in St Augustine! Favorite Things to Do!

Hi Loves! Today I spent the day in one of my favorite places, Saint Augustine Florida! Some of my favorite things to do in St Agustin are the simplest things of all..just  wandering  around the old cobblestone streets,  looking at all  the beautiful old homes. 

Its so romantic there , yet also has a spooky almost haunted feel, that I really love. It is the oldest city in America so Im sure that has something to do with it.

Part of what makes St Augustine feel so spooky to me, is the Spanish moss which hangs from so many of the trees. I also love the hidden secret gardens, some of which you can see in my travel vlog video.

But above all else..In St Augustine, my absolute favorite thing to do is go for  Coffee at Crucial Coffee Cafe ! 

It is so unbelievably  delicious and the homemade desserts are out of this world amazing! I especially love the key lime pie, its the best Ive ever had.. anywhere! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of st augustine old town in my travel video. Its definitely one of the best places to visit and Crucial Coffee is imo St Augustine's Best! Augustine Historic sights are amazing and there is so much much more to do in this amazing place to visit! 

Alegra Chetti;

Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation

Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation!

MANHATTAN, N.Y.March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- You've seen her on "The Wolf of Wall Street" billboards world wide & in Maxim Magazine and now you can watch as model, actress and YouTube sensation Alegra Chetti completely transforms herself through the power of makeup.
According to Alegra, many people have claimed she goes from "ugly to pretty" in her makeup before and after video, but, according to Alegra, this is nothing she hadn't heard before. 
"People always told me I was ugly before I began wearing makeup and I would look at women in magazines and wish I could look as glamourous. I began practicing different makeup looks on myself and could not believe the change in how I was perceived, by the public and even friends and family."
Suddenly Alegra found herself in demand as a model and even appeared in Maxim magazine in their feature on "Manhattan's Most Beautiful." 
"I couldn't believe it when I was chosen by Maxim and then by Martin Scorsese for 'The Wolf of Wall Street' billboards. I started getting letters on my Facebook and social media from old classmates, claiming they never really thought I was ugly and wanted to be friends with me now. This is after they wanted nothing to do with me before. I just laugh because I can't believe they really think I'm that different just because I'm wearing makeup now. I'm still the same exact person they shunned before."
In her YouTube video, you can watch as Alegra expertly uses several hundred dollars in makeup to completely transform her look in this fast paced, time lapse video. 
Alegra is now receiving world wide acclaim for her makeup transformation and says she hopes to use her newfound fame to inspire her viewers to love and accept themselves, with and without makeup. Watch for yourself at -  

Media Contact:MAC Management
Press release distributed by PRLog
Alegra Chetti;

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Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation

Tiffany & Co Arm Candy Stack!

Hi Loves ❤  Wanted to share my arm candy of the day! Today I'm wearing my Apple Sport Watch, Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard bracelet and my Tiffany & Co Silver Toggle Heart Bracelet❤

I love them all so much and have had my toggle bracelet over 10 years. It's still as perfect as the day I received it =)

What does your arm candy look like? I know a lot of people love David Yurman & Pandora too..what are your thoughts? Post a link to your stack and I'll feature you on the blog! 

To see my review of my Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard bracelet, check out my Youtube video at

Alegra Chetti;

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Starbucks Flat White!!! + Saying Goodbye to the Past!!

Hi Guys 😊 Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Im here in Florida and am just enjoying my current obsession, this Starbucks Flat White! Did I mention in the vlog how delicious it is?? OMG it really is!!

I also just wanted to thank you guys for all your advice..Im so happy I was able to block those fake friends! I felt really guilty at first but now I feel great for putting my own happiness Lindsey said " they don't deserve us!" Its hard saying goodbye to the past but if you want to grow and live your life to the fullest, its better to let these haters go and make room for all the good things and good people to come into your life!

Check out Lindsey's  Channel at

She's such a great person and has awesome mommy blogs =)

I wound up not going to the party but Im home and cozy so that even better imo 😁 Hope you're doing good! Talk to you soon!!

Alegra Chetti;

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Tiffany Diamond Heart Key Pendant

This is my Tiffany Diamond Heart Key Pendant & 20" chain that  I just purchased.
 I love it so much,  one of my favorite things about it, is that its incredibly light weight, so I feel like I'm wearing nothing. 
I also love it bc it reminds me that love is the key to everything good, the key to a wonderful life, to happiness, to all of your dreams coming true ❤Just keep love first 

Alegra Chetti;

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HOTTEST Daytona Bike Week Girls! Spring Break 2016!!

Hi Guys !! Im here in Daytona for Spring Break & Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 & of course that means good times! I went down to Main Street to visit My friends, who are promo & bike week bikini models and had a Great Time!! First I put on my Affliction clothing corset top for that perfect biker girl outfit and then I did my makeup rocker barbie, biker girl makeup style! 

In this video, you can Check out some of the amazing bikes and Harley Bikers, in addition to amazing custom built rides in this Daytona Nightlife footage!

A lot of people think Bikeweek is only for Harley Davidson motorcycle riders, but all types of bikers were there having a great time living the bike life! 

Check my friends  out online at

and don't forget 

Wildman Designs 
YouTube Capture

Alegra Chetti;

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Fitness Model Vegan Italian Home Cooking! Yummy Vegetarian Easy Low Carb Meal!

Hi Loves! Im so excited to share with you this video I shot with Slaughda Radio & Definition Fitness! Check Out their Show 
 Butcha N Baka and their online personal training program, I'll list their info below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
They asked me to cook one of my favorite easy vegetarian for beginners recipes and this is what I came up with!
Its one of my favorite meals now that Im on a fitness model diet and feeling amazing! This is an example of the type of model diet I am eating now thats hoping me lose weight, get healthy  and feel 100% better and more confident in myself!
 Im all about eating healthy as a way of loving, respecting and treasuring yourself..not hurting yourself with unhealthy foods!
If you're a fitness girl or guy, or just interested in finding delicious easy vegetarian recipes, this video is for you! 
This recipe is an easy vegan diet recipe anyone can make!
With just a few simple ingrediates, you'll have  yummy vegetarian meals in no time! 
In this recipe I used only
olive oil
tofu crumbles
pasta zero noodles 
Ragu Tomato Sauce
and Veggie Parmesan Cheese
Thats it! 
Whether you're looking for a delicious vegan meal or want to transform yourself into a fitness model babe, I think you'll love this recipe! 

Thanks for watching! Don't forget to comment, subscribe and check out Slaughda Radio & Definition Fitness at 

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Going from Fat to Fit! My Weight Loss Journey + NEW Healthy Lifestyle!

Hi Loves! First of all, I want to say, when I say Fat, I don't mean a body shape or clothing size. I mean I was full of fat, fattening unhealthy foods, junk...fat is not a size bc you can be plus size and healthy and not fat imo.

In my weightloss and body transformation story today, I share how I was formerly full of dietary fat, unhealthy sugars and more and it was destroying my body, my health and even my emotional state.

Since Ive been eating healthy and have had gradual fat loss, I not only fit into my clothes better and feel more energized..but my mood swings and even depression has subsided naturally...just from cutting out the unhealthy sugars and junk!

I am still on my weight loss journey and do hope to have a greater weight loss by continuing to eat healthy food, healthy meals, practicing regular fitness and just living an all round healthy lifestyle! 

Since I've been eating healthy foods, I also noticed that my acne has cleared up and wrinkles on my face seem to have vanished! I am not even exaggerating and I believe its bc eating too much sugar is not beneficial for your skin. I have clearer, fresh, glowing skin now thanks to drinking lots of water and eating clean and healthy! I also no longer drink alcohol and truly feels amazing bc of it. 

I hope we can continue living healthy together, as I go from fat to fit!! 

I also want to add, I know Its hard to understand when you're young, but unhealthy foods are actually harming your body and cause serious illnesses like diabetes and worse. Its not harmful in small amounts, but to eat too much of it on a regular basis is destroying your body.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how to lose weight fast, aside from healthy eating and exercising..I have lost over 10 lbs now but its taken me a month. The best lose weight program is probably going to suggest the same thing, it is really not only the best way to lose weight but the ONLY way. Taking drugs or self harming with bulimia or anorexia is not an option!

Aside from all that, Im so happy Im also beach living for now and Im just enjoying it while it lasts bc its amazing! To be able to ride my bike and just relax in the sun is so wonderful and I hope all of you get to experience it at least once in your life! 

Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate you all so much! Thank you for inspiring me to live a healthy guys inspire me so much too and Im super grateful! 

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Waist Training, FaKE Friends, Q&A & MoRe! YouNow LIVECAM!

Hi Loves!! Im so happy I was able to go LIVE on YouNow Broadcast  This Week! I love going live and answering your Q&A! 
This week, Ive had to deal with Fake Friends and I tell my Cheating Boyfriend Story! 
I also share how I'm just starting to try using a waist trainer and am now on a weight loss journey. Im trying to lose weight and get that fit body I've dreamed of! 
Thanks for joining me and letting me share my storytime fake friends tale and for joining me in my weight loss transformation! 
I'm still that same laughing girl thanks to your funny Q&A!
Join me every other Tuesday  on YouNow where I'll answer your questions LIVE at

you can also leave your questions in the comments below and I'll answer them on my Livecam! 
If you love  livecam models, livecam girl, live girl camera, live free cam and live webcam models..this funny video is for you! I love using my web camera and going on the webcam site Younow! Web Cam  is so much fun and Im definitely going to do more Cams Online!
Thanks for watching! Talk to you soon!!!